Month: January 2018

Band-A-Day #011: Mother Engine

Mother Engine is an instrumental progressive psychedelic rock band from the town of Plauen, Germany. I found them this morning through Google Play’s recommendations and spun through their three albums today. Mostly mellow, but sometimes upbeat, they have a cool combination of clean and fuzzy tones. Oddly, I didn’t even notice the lack of vocals […]

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Band-A-Day #010: 1000mods

I’ve known of this band for a while, but hadn’t really given them a solid listen. They’re coming to the US to tour with my favorite doom duos, Telekinetic Yeti, so I had to give them some more ear time. Formed the summer of 2006 in Greece, this heavy foursome with fierce vocals has made […]

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Band-A-Day #009: Troll Teeth

Today’s find comes from the Waveriders (fans of Ripple Music) group on Facebook. Thanks to Bucky for the link. Troll Teeth is another one of those bands that’s difficult to pigeonhole into one genre. They’re definitely rolling with the doom and stoner crowd, but they mix it up with some less than fuzzy acoustic guitar […]

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