I’ve known of this band for a while, but hadn’t really given them a solid listen. They’re coming to the US to tour with my favorite doom duos, Telekinetic Yeti, so I had to give them some more ear time.

Formed the summer of 2006 in Greece, this heavy foursome with fierce vocals has made a mark on the European psych rock scene. Always fuzzy, sometimes laid back, and more often up front and on edge, 1000mods leads you through an interesting mix of tempos in each album.

They remind me a little of Truck Fighters with a some Horisont and Red Fang thrown in for good measure. My only complaint might be that some of their songs are so engaging that it becomes hard to do anything but listen. I’ve already added a few tracks to the 100mph playlist and am contemplating a couple others for the peace out and chill playlist.

See dates and links for their US tour here:
The Obelisk Presents: 1000mods Announce First-Ever US Tour Dates

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