Ran into these guys at the Division Brewing 2nd Anniversary and NYE Bash. Cool straight up rock and roll with heavy bass riffs and plenty of bluesy guitar. Brothers Dylan and Kyle Kain along with drummer John Bereuter have a lot of fun on stage and that enthusiasm really carries through to the audience. Dylan plays bass through the first Ampeg Micro I’ve seen on stage, and it sounded amazing. It really has all the tone I’d expect from a larger amp with a refrigerator sized cab, but without the hernias. Like all good bands it’s hard to pigeonhole them into one genre or say that sound like any one band, but I can hear a lot of metal, rock, psychedelic and doom influences.

If you’re near Arlington on Saturday (Jan 6, 2018) they’re playing Diamond Jim’s Saloon along with a few other local bands, and again on Feb 10 at Lola’s in Fort Worth.

Catch them on:

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